Welcome to Sweet Pea Doula Services, LLC. I am excited you are here! 

Meet the Doula

My name is Kelli, and I am a birth & postpartum doula. I have a passion for supporting others through the experience of giving birth. I provide continuous physical support through labor and delivery and emotional support from the time I am hired through postpartum. I also assist clients in research and childbirth and breastfeeding education so they are able to make more informed decisions for their care. 

Simply put, my role is to assist you in having your birth and postpartum be a satisfying experience, as you define it. What that means for each family differs, so how I support you is tailored to your unique hopes, fears, goals, and experiences. From home birth to hospital, water birth to cesearean, and all the factors between and beyond, I walk alongside you as a support.

For more on my doula journey, check out the About Me page or to hear from past clients, check out Testimonials page.